Credit: Instagram

It sounds like Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) is wrapping up filming The Anomaly, the movie he’s been shooting in London for the past several weeks. That makes us sad, because we’re really going to miss photos of him in dapper outfits.

Take this recent pic of him playing guitar, for example. The man is wearing a bowtie and — if his accompanying tweet is to be believed — very comfortable boots. Never have we wished so hard that a photo was actually a video instead.

Singing a bitter sweet Good bye to my character Harkin Langham &his lair on the set of @theanomalymovie,” Ian wrote along with the pic. “Thank you everyone for this experience,@noelclarke you are the man and you need some rest-thank you Martin for making this amazing instrument that gets me through sleepless nights and thank you @colehaan for all of these comfy boots for me and my character to run around like a madman trying to save the world...”

Don’t be too sad, though. Ian should be back at work filming The Vampire Diaries in July. Damon’s ensembles might be a little less formal, but we still love the guy who’s wearing them, right?

Source: Instagram

Credit: YouTube Photo: The Vampire Diaries Cast on Ian Somerhalder's Hotness at Bloodlines