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Since we love, love, love Phoebe Tonkin, we can’t wait to see what happens with Hayley on The Originals come fall. The new CW show’s Twitter account sent out a photo of the werewolf after a recent photo shoot, and it has our interest piqued.

It’s not that we were expecting the pregnant supernatural to be sporting a baby belly or anything, but we have scoured the photo for clues as to what may happen with Hayley on The Vampire Diaries spin-off. After all, she’s carrying Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) child, and that means she will have a huge impact on the storyline and on New Orleans.

It’s possible Hayley will have to table her hunt for her werewolf origins now that she’s an expectant mother. However, we couldn’t help but notice Phoebe’s oversized jewelry. Maybe that triangle pendant is just decorative... or maybe it’s some sort of clue to her past?

Yeah, yeah. We might be reaching, but we’ve got so little to go on!

Source: Twitter

Credit: TV Guide on YouTube Photo: Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin Discuss TVD and The Originals