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When The Originals debuts on The CW in October, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will still be reeling from the revelation that she’s pregnant with Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) child. IGN asked Phoebe Tonkin what this all means for the expectant werewolf and hybrid parents.

“I think maybe in the next episode, we’re really going to see Hayley actually deal with the information that she is pregnant and that she is a young woman with a child, or a child about to come,” explains Phoebe. She says it will be interesting to deal with a real-world issue in the supernatural realm. Somehow, we think Hayley will have slightly different problems than the girls from Teen Mom.

Of course, some things are universal, and Phoebe thinks Hayley and the baby’s father — aka, Original hybrid Klaus — will be forced to have many awkward post-one-night-stand conversations, about everything from the baby’s name to whether or not to use pacifiers. “I think they’re going to have to reassess their relationship with each other,” says Phoebe.

No doubt. The show’s executive producer, Julie Plec, has been tweeting about the first episode and trying to pack in a backstory that “covers 1000 years, an immortality spell, a hybrid curse, a vampire vampire hunter... a miracle baby, a return to a city left 100 years ago after arriving 300 years ago having nothing to do with 1000 years ago.”

And that’s without even mentioning the Klaus-Hayley drama!

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