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San Diego Comic-Con, we could kiss you! Teen Wolf scoop has been pouring fast and think since the MTV show’s panel today. The most important info: When does Teen Wolf Season 3, Part 2 start?

Executive producer Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey (Scott), Holland Roden (Lydia), Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), Crystal Reed (Allison), Tyler Hoechlin (Derek), Daniel Sharman (Isaac), and Charlie and Max Carver (Alpha twins Aiden and Ethan) were on hand to answer all sorts of questions. What Jeff Davis likes to refer to as Season 3B — the third year will be divided into two 12-episode halves — begins January 6.

Yes, that’s far away, but we haven’t even gotten through Season 3A yet! Amongst the mysteries left to solve are why Derek’s werewolf eyes are blue and just what is going on with poor Lydia.

Season 3, Episode 9, titled “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” will reveal “what’s up with Lydia.” Holland said, “The name of the episode is a clue.” In the episode before that, flashbacks “ takes us back to Derek’s past and we’re really proud of it. You get a lot of insight into the Hale family, especially the question about a werewolf eyes,” says Jeff Davis.

It’s about time!

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