Credit: WhoSay

Talk about a romp in rompers! Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) sure knows how to have fun! The Vampire Diaries star tweeted pictures of herself, her brother, and a mystery man known only as “Chris” enjoying their superhero onesies.

Nina attended the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, where she scored herself a pair of Iron Man PJs.

Yupp this happened. Where else would you wear a super hero comic book Onsesie? ComicCon! Obvi... Solid idea Chris! Hahaha,” she tweeted, along with a photo of herself and her brother, Alex, looking stylish.

Another pic shows Alex crouched down, while Chris holds Nina in one arm (strong guy!) and she has her fist raised in triumph. (Or maybe in a “up, up, and away” gesture?)

They all look smashing in their onesies, and we’re guessing Nina will inspire tons of people to go on the hunt for such an ensemble. If we find one and go as Nina at Comic-Con for Halloween, is that too obscure? We just really want to wear a onesie for Halloween.

Source: WhoSay