Just a little over a month after Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) confessed his love to wife Torrey DeVitto (Meredith) at The Vampire Diaries Bloodlines Con in Brazil, the couple has announced that they’re divorcing after two years of marriage. Did any of you see this coming, because we certainly didn’t!

Then again, for those of you who pay close attention to the social media accounts of both Wesley and DeVitto, you probably noticed that Paul Wesley recently celebrated his 31st birthday without his beloved, and Torrey DeVitto recently attended her sister’s wedding without her man. We had just assumed that work kept them in two separate places. Maybe we just didn’t want to see this coming.

Regardless, our faith in love has slipped the tiniest bit today.

Were you shocked to hear about the break-up?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto: He Says "I Love You" at Bloodlines Con