When Cosmopolitan magazine hand-picked Nina Dobrev to appear on their September cover, they wasted no time getting down to the juicy details.

When asked what Nina looks for in a guy, the Vampire Diaries actress said she’s attracted to a man’s mind, humor, and talent. “I also like it when guys hold the door open and are sweet and thoughtful.”

If you ask us, it sounds like Nina’s more of a Stefan girl herself. So, is that who she wants Elena to be with at the end of TVD? Eh, not so fast...

While filling out the Cosmo quiz, Nina was prompted with the following question:

I think Elena should end up with:
a) Stefan
b) Damon
c) Just a nice boy from school
d) She should try being single for a while

Choosing to forgo the provided answers, Nina wrote in her own hopes for her character: “DEFAN, the long lost Salvatore brother played by Bradley Cooper.”

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Nina’s got good taste in men! Sadly, we’re not so sure Julie Plec would go for this storyline.

Credit: Cosmopolitan magazine Photo: Nina Dobrev Behind-the-Scenes of Cosmopolitan's Cover Shoot (VIDEO)