The magic-hating Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) better watch his back. According to E! Online, Shannon Kane has been cast as Sabine on The Originals, a “wild, bold, and sexy” witch.

Fans of daytime soaps may have seen Shannon Kane as Natalia Fowler on All My Children.

It sounds like wise and willful Sabine will be taking over where Jane-Anne Deveraux left off — leading an underground group of witches who are probably pretty sick of Marcel dictating when they can and cannot practice magic. (When can they perform spells? Pretty much never.) Now that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is in league with the witches, it makes sense that we’ll be meeting some more senior members of the community.

If you’ve seen the director’s cut of The Originals’ backdoor pilot, you know the only one doing any magic is Davina (Danielle Campbell). The vampire king of New Orleans has her locked up in an attic and is using her as his witchy alarm system. If any witches or warlocks (are there warlocks in New Orleans?) so much as light a candle using their powers, the 16-year-old alerts Marcel. It will be interesting to see how Sabine plans on dealing with that obstacle...

Source: E! Online

Credit: E! Online Photo: The Originals' Joseph Morgan Is Threatened by Charles Michael Davis

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