This was just bad timing. Weeks before Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto’s divorce was announced, The Vampire Diaries star was at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. When Young Hollywood caught up with Paul at the event, he was asked about the Stefan, Damon, Elena love triangle — and then things accidentally got a bit personal.

Paul’s pretty happy Elena chose Damon over Stefan in the Season 4 finale. “I just don’t like shoving anything down anyone’s throat,” Paul explained during the interview. “I would prefer to be the guy who is not the winner in that battle, because there’s a lot of expectation there to maintain a love story. And maintaining a love story is a lot of work.”

“And in life, too, it’s a lot of work” agreed YH’s Nikki Novak. “No sh...” Paul replied. Whomp. It seemed like Paul and Torrey’s split came out of nowhere, but perhaps they’d been struggling for some time.

Though Torrey joined Paul at Comic-Con in 2012 (and showed off their adorable photos), this year she was conspicuously absent. In their case, it looks like absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder.

Source: Young Hollywood

Credit: Young Hollywood Photo: Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley Get Cute at Comic-Con