Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Photo: Ian Somerhalder Arrives at the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards

What the what? We were cruising around the Internet this morning and came across an article on WebMD, of all places, featuring The Vampire Diaries’ snarky Salvatore brother Damon, aka Ian Somerhalder!

Entitled: “Ian Somerhalder: Vampire/Activist” (HA!), the article highlights both Ian’s work on the popular show and his activism, specifically the IS Foundation, Ian’s non-profit that focuses on all kinds of issues including green energy, environmental solutions, and animal rights.

Still, how does this relate to the WebMD site? Ian also shared some health tips, stating, "My health's wildly important to me. I wouldn't have the stamina and energy for 80-hour work weeks without good health."

The article goes on to detail Ian’s workout routine, his diet (which focuses on seasonal, sustainable food), and even includes four personal health tips from the sexy star! To stay in shirtless-ready shape, Ian likes tospeed walk, practice yoga, and play basketball. But just because he speed walks doesn’t mean he’s against kicking it into high gear. “"If you're stressed out and wound up, go for a 1-, 2-, or 3-mile run and see what happens,” Ian advises. “Push your body, and your body will produce the chemicals that make you feel better."

We never would have expected to find an all about Ian article on this site, but hey! Any information we can get on Somerhalder is good information, right?

Source: WebMD

Credit: Young Hollywood Photo: Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley Get Cute at Comic-Con