Credit: Twitter

Sometimes we forget that little Jeremy Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries is all grown up! Luckily, actor Steven R. McQueen’s girlfriend is around to remind us just how adult (and ripped) the hunky star is.

Hillary Harley recently gave TVD fans a treat by tweeting this shirtless photo of Steven, saying, “Steven, where is the beach? (We're in the middle of Brentwood & he won't put his shirt back on..)”

Ha! And no offense, Hil, but we can’t blame the guy for wanting to traipse around sans shirt! Just look at those abs! Then again, we’re sure you appreciate it as much as we do. In fact, we are. so. jealous.

Is it getting hot in here? We’re feeling a little faint … please excuse while we take some time to compose ourselves.

Source: Twitter