Credit: Ian Somerhalder on Instagram Photo: Win the Shirt Off Ian Somerhalder's Back

Whoa, whoa. WHOA! We almost passed out when we saw this Instagram pic from Ian Somerhalder! The Vampire Diaries’ star posted this photo of himself with Bryn Mooser for fans a few days ago.

A photo of the swoon-worthy actor is a gift all by itself, but Ian also included a message to follow both Bryn’s environmental news site RYOT and the Ian Somerhalder Foundation on Twitter for a chance to win the shirt right off his back!

“Get the shirt off my back..Unwashed & autographed w/love. Just follow @ryotnews & @IS_Foundation ...1 follower wins! Thank you so much I thank you, ISF thanks you & RYOT thanks you”

Unwashed! Right off of his back! Be still our hearts. This just might be the hottest giveaway we’ve ever seen.

We don’t know who will win this coveted prize, but we wish all you Ian fans luck! And if you end up with his shirt, please don’t tell us. We won’t be able to handle the disappointment of losing.

Source: Instragram