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Turn back if you don’t want Teen Wolf spoilers for the Season 3A finale!

Monday marks the final episode in the first half of Teen Wolf Season 3. E! Online got a first peek at the episode and has some juicy spoilers — life or death spoilers.

A Teen Wolf fan wrote in to ask if Isaac (Daniel Sharman) will live to wear another scarf. The good news is he makes it to Season 3B still breathing. The bad news? Two others don’t — plus someone else leaves town... possibly for good. (We’re wondering if Cora is among the casualties, since Adelaide Kane, the actress who plays her, was cast as the lead on new CW series Reign.)

Well, now we’re worried about everyone else! Especially because Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) looks like he might have some car trouble. Also, sorry fans who were hoping to see some Stiles interaction with either Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) or Lydia (Holland Roden): He doesn't have scenes with either. 

Still, E! promises “a lot of closure, but still with plenty of set up for next season, including a new big bad that we've met before…”

Please say Gerard is back with a vengeance!

Source: E! Online

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