Credit: Iceblink Films on Instagram Photo: Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore in a Tub Throwback Photo

Break out your smelling salts, Vampire Diaries fans! Director Joshua Butler posted a fantastic blast from the past on Instagram under his film company’s handle: iceblinkfilms; a hot, hot, hot  photo of a naked and sudsy Ian Somerhalder.

The photo shows Ian in a bath sipping wine with a female companion, and since Butler included the caption, “December 8, 2010: @IanSomerhalder's 32nd birthday. Set of "Daddy Issues", directed by @IceblinkFilms.” we can surmise the lady in question is Dawn Oliveri, who played Andie Star in the episode.

The photo is from Season 2, Episode 13, back when Damon was enjoying the company of the glamoured Mystic Falls news anchor (like she’d even NEED to be glamoured to get in a tub with Damon — come on!). But poor Andie. We kind of forgot how both Salvatore bros treated her so badly, including Stefan making her jump from a high place and kill herself.

But why are we even dwelling on that? Look at Ian’s chest and devilish smile! Oh, to be one of those bubbles…

Source: Joshua Butler on Instagram