Ha! Nina Dobrev sure has a kooky sense of humor. The Vampire Diaries star shared an Instagram video last night of her doing some yoga moves along with a message to her private yoga teacher!

Nina included this caption with the video, saying, “Jason Anderson - my private yoga guru - and I have a message for you.” It’s a little hard to make out in the dim lighting, but the short vid shows Nina doing an impressive tumble, rolling up her yoga mat, then turning to the camera with a friend and saying, “Namaste, B**ch!”.

With the lighting it’s hard to tell, but we think that the friend could be TVD production assistant Tyler Armstead. Though maybe not, since it’s odd the prank-loving P.A. didn’t re-share.

In any case, we love that Nina is always having fun on and off the set!

Source: Nina Dobrev Instagram

Download video: MP4 format