What Is Former Vampire Diaries Star Malese Jow Up to Now?

Anna didn't last long on The Vampire Diaries she was one of the show's first season's many victims but actress Malese Jow still caught our attention. So, what has this young star been up to since her character was killed off?

Fortunately, Malese's career has been going well since then. In the same year as she appeared on The Vampire Diaries, she was in ABC TV movie You're So Cupid!, and had a role in the award winning film The Social Network.

In 2011, she landed the role of Lucy Stone on Season 2 of Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush. Lucy, a recurring role, was an aspiring singer and love interest of the character Kendall Knight. And the good times didn't stop there! She also had a part on Desperate Housewives, and became the host of TVD Re#ash this past February.

Oh, that not enough Malese for you? Then it's a good thing she has a role on The CW's new show Star-Crossed, where she plays Julia, the terminally ill BFF of main character Emery (Aimee Teegarden), who may just be able to be cured by the aliens who have come to earth.

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