Credit: MTV

Teen Wolf fans, are you ready for the second half of Season 3? Because showrunner is gearing up for the next installment and told E! Online that a major big bad might make a return to Beacon Hills next year!

Davis said that any of the previous villains we’ve seen could return to Teen Wolf, because, like any good supernatural show, they never really die. He said, "We like Peter a lot and we especially like Ian Bohen, but it's hard. You want to have villains in your show, but you want to have believable ends to those villains as well, but sometimes they're just too good."

Heff also hinted later that Jennifer Blake (the Darach) could make a return appearance, saying, "We're talking about, like, 'How can we bring Jennifer back?' the other day on set." Adding to the rumor mill by refusing to confirm Hale’s death!

Oh man. That would be amazing! How are we going to make it until January 6? That is way too long to wait to find out!

Do you want Jennifer to make an epic return from the other side or do you want her and the other big bads to stay dead? Hit the comments and let us know!

Source: E Online