Aw. Ian Somerhalder, you big softie. The Vampire Diaries star Instgram’d a photo of his super sweet dog Nietzsche (how cute is that name?), asking fans to send good vibes to the pup, who was about to go under the knife.

Somerhalder said, “Pls send some positive vibes for my little girl, Nietzsche who goes under the knife to be Spayed in a few minutes!” We have no doubt that millions of fans immediately complied, and we’re sure Nietzsche will fly through the surgery with no problems.

The gorgeous actor, who’s also an animal rights activist, also included this important reminder: “STOP OVERPOPULATION-SPAY AND NEUTER Thank you!”

Well said, Ian! And we hope you give us all an update on Nietzsche soon.

Source: Ian Somerhalder’s Instagram