The Vampire Diaries might just have the sexiest cast on television. When it comes to their gorgeousness, there is no weak link, which is why it’s so hard to rank the hot guys of Mystic Falls. Gallantly, we soldier on. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it!

Alaric Saltzman

Credit: The CW

Oh, Alaric, how we miss your double draw of brains and brawn. You were definitely the hottest teacher at Mystic Falls High. Alaric had an easy gorgeousness about him. While you just know Stefan spends hours in front of the mirror getting his hero hair right, we like to think Alaric’s hair just did that.

Elijah Mikaelson

Katherine thinks he’s sexy, and so do we! Elijah doesn’t flaunt his gorgeousness like some of the other attractive-and-they-know-it vamps in Mystic Falls. No, Elijah just puts on his impeccable three-piece suits, comb his silky brown locks, and lets his sexiness hit you. And don’t even get us started on 12th-century Elijah. If he dressed like that all the time, he’d be even higher up this prestigious list.

Tyler Lockwood

Tyler has come a long way since the football-playing douchebag in Season 1 of TVD, and his hotness has only grown for it. Today, we know Tyler as the romantic, principled hybrid, intent on doing the best by both his girlfriend Caroline and his werewolf cohort. An athletic build, dark brown eyes, and ambitious life goals? Yes, please.

Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert may have started out the show as Elena’s baby brother, but he’s not so baby anymore. If TVD’s success could be measured by the expansion of Jeremy’s biceps alone, the show’s done quite well for itself. But Jeremy’s sexiness isn’t just about his well-toned arms. He is a fiercely loyal brother, friend, and boyfriend that will do anything for the people he loves.

Matt Donovan

Matt Donovan is single-handedly proving that you don’t have to be supernatural in Mystic Falls to be sexy. Seemingly one of the last humans left in town, Matt’s All-American good looks and good-natured attitude make him one of the hottest men in town. We know the Salvatore brothers are hot, but we’re still not convinced Elena made the right choice in dumping Matt all of those years ago.

Damon Salvatore

The ice blue eyes. The tight bod. The arrogant swagger. It’s hard to put one’s finger exactly on what makes Damon Salvatore quite so sexy. Regardless, we understand Elena’s patience in enduring Damon’s brutal wit and darker tendencies for the chance. Once you get through that prickly exterior, there’s a heart of gold that might just be the key to Damon’s sexiness

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan makes broody vamp look good. With his gravity-defying hair, furrowed brow, and scandalous v-necks, Stefan immediately took Mystic Falls in thrall when he swept into town in the TVD pilot and, as far as we can tell, they’re still there (or, at least we are). Whether in bad boy or good guy mode, we find Stefan Salvatore irresistible.

Klaus Mikaelson

We can’t resist this devilishly hot hybrid! Technically, Klaus & Co. won’t be in Mystic Falls come Season 5, but we like to think he’s always there in spirit (with Caroline). Klaus is… complicated, but that might just make him hotter. We came for the blue, blue eyes; rumbly accent; and toned physique and we’ve stayed for the vulnerable artistic side he’s begun to show. Mystic Falls won’t be the same without this sexy, sexy hybrid.

Who do you think is the hottest guy in Mystic Falls? Sound off in the comments below!

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