Listen up, boys! The Vampire DiariesNina Dobrev has some dating tips for prospective suitors, and she’s not shy about sharing them via Twitter.

Nina shared this picture quote of a gentlemen opening a door for his lady friend, saying, “Picture Quote Of The Day... message for the 21st century boys... Be men. :)” We agree, Nina! Chivalry isn't, or at least shouldn't be, dead.

The stunning actress followed up the quote with a few more tips, agreeing with fans who said “Real men have manners,” even giving advice to a fan frustrated by mixed signals from girls to keep at it, replying, “They're surprised because its rare, but they like it :) Don’t stop being a gentleman! :)”

We love that Nina is all about the old-school moves. And since she still appears to be single, we hope all the men dreaming of taking her on a date are paying close attention … although we imagine filling Ian Somerhalder’s shoes is a TALL order.

What do you think about Nina's advice for guys? Hit the comments and let us know if you agree or if you're looking for more of a bad boy!

Source: Nina Dobrev’s Twitter