Uh-oh! We were all excited about the addition of Janina Gavankar to The Vampire Diaries’ cast in Season 5, but based on her latest tweet, we’re not sure she’s gonna stick around long.

The pretty new TVD addition teased something that might happen to her character, Tessa, saying, “Today on the TVD set, ‘So, your pants are gonna be a little stiff, & have a smell to them, bc they ARE flame resistant.’”

WHOA. Sounds like Tessa might go up in flames. That’s serious! Anyone else wondering if Silas-as-Stefan (Paul Wesley) is the one who lights her up? Or maybe she’ll arrive in Mystic Falls in a fiery car crash? Maybe Elena will even torch her in a fit of jealous rage. The possibilities are endless!

In any case, we hope it gets extinguished. We’d love to see Janina stick around for awhile, if only so she can tweet more insider photos from the set.

What do you think Janina needs flame-resistant pants for? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Janina Gavankar’s Twitter