We have no idea why the makeup artists for The Vampire Diaries have yet to win an Emmy, because their talent is amazing!

In honor of Throwback Thursday, Nina Dobrev shared even more evidence of the magic that happens behind the scenes when she posted photos from the set of the Season 5 premiere.

The first photo shows Nina midway through her makeup, along with a final shot of the disgusting look. “#TVDTBT - Car Crash,” Nina captioned the pic. “A behind the scenes look at how we made the ‘bloody look’ Ouchie.”

In the second pic, Steven R. McQueen stares into the camera with blood and bruises on his face. “#TVDTBT Same scene. Jeremy. Looks like it hurt,” Nina wrote.

Those who tuned in for the premiere will remember the gruesome car crash, which Katherine deliberately caused to avoid be taken back to Silas. We don’t really know what the girl was thinking when she pulled that crazy stunt. Now that she’s a human, those cuts and scraps won’t magically disappear. Guess she’s not as vain as we first thought!