We’ve had our fill of duplicitous professors on The Vampire Diaries, but Dr. Wes Maxfield (Rick Cosnett) may take the cake. Last night, he killed cute college guy Jesse (Kendrick Sampson) to turn him into a vampire. What is this dude up to?! We speculate below…

What we know

Dr. Maxfield is a brilliant microbiology professor with a dark and dangerous secret. He knew Elena’s father, Grayson Gilbert, who was known in Mystic Falls for his campaign against vampires and other supernatural creatures. The professor was involved in covering up the murder-by-vampire of Elena and Caroline’s college roomie (R.I.P. Megan). According to Jesse, Dr. Maxfield is also part of a secret society. Their aim? Anyone’s guess. But, if it involves killing perfectly nice teacher’s assistants, we’re pretty sure we’re not on board with it.

Guinea pig Jesse

Why did Dr. Maxfield turn Jesse into a vampire? This is our burning following last night’s ep. If Dr. Maxfield is fighting against vampires, as we previously assumed, why is he increasing their numbers? Our first instinct is that he needs vampires to experiment on. It’s probably somewhat easier to make a vampire, then to catch one. If Dr. Maxfield is trying to take down vamps, then it would help to know their weaknesses. For a scientist like himself, that would probably include experimentation.

Tapping into their powers

Another theory we have is that Dr. Maxfield’s secret society isn’t necessarily about killing vampires, but commandeering their powers for humans, specifically the ability to stay young forever. We’re not sure what the going rate is for the Fountain of Youth these days, but such a product would fetch a pretty penny on the market. And that’s without taking into account the demand for vampire-created abilities like super speed, super strength, and compulsion. Could Dr. Maxfield and his secret society be trying to isolate the supernatural abilities a vampire possesses in an attempt to somehow apply them to humans? Hey, if we were evil scientists in a supernatural world, it’s what we would do!

What do you think Dr. Maxfield is up to? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries airs at 8 p.m. Thursday nights on The CW.