With the 100th episode quickly approaching — the script is done and filming is underway — it’s amazing to consider the multitude of achievements and honors The Vampire Diaries has under its belt. But what’s the latest accolade the CW series can tout?

Ever since Nielsen added a social aspect to how they gauge the ratings for a TV show, it’s been interesting to see just how much Twitter can affect the potential lifespan of a series and show that fans can truly rally around their favorite shows.

In a superb turn of events, The Vampire Diaries has taken a seat in the throne of TV Twitterdom, earning the title of “Most Social Series” — that isn’t the World Series — for the second week in a row, meaning fans really engaged with Episode 3 and Episode 4. We can’t blame them, really, because we consider Season 5’s third and fourth episode two of the best the show has ever delivered — hello, the Qetsiyah reveal and Bonnie’s funeral? Epic.

Also atop the list of social shows is ABC’s Scandal. Fans of that series are head-over-heels for head Gladiator Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her ability to fix any Capitol Hill problem (and there are many of them), so TVD is going to have to keep it up in order to remain king of the castle.

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Source: Zap2it

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