There are so many people to crush on within The Vampire Diaries cast, but we have always had a soft spot for Nate Buzolic aka Kol Mikaelson. Though he may not be on TVD any longer, that doesn’t mean he’s left our hearts. In fact, our crush on Nate has only intensified since his stint in Mystic Falls. Here are five reasons why Nate is your dream man (you just don’t know it yet)!

He has a Lego Captain Jack Sparrow

Credit: Nate Buzolic Instagram

Some celebrities fill their Instagrams with selfies of their glamorous faces fair enough, they’re gorgeous but Nate uses his snapshots to make his followers chuckle. Yesterday, he posted this pic of a Lego Captain Jack in front of London’s famous Big Ben, along with the tag, “Jack with Ben…” Our take away? He owns a Lego Jack Sparrow. How adorable is that?

He is a talented actor

Credit: Nate Buzolic

What is an Instagram tour of London without the obligatory red phone booths? Nate took to Instagram yesterday to give followers a taste of the acting life in Britain. He posted this photo of himself standing rectangle-like in between two red phone booths, obviously trying on his best phone booth impersonation. “Acting 101 be a booth…” Nate captioned the shot. Best darn phone booth impersonation we’ve ever seen!

He looks great in tights

Credit: Nate Buzolic Instagram

This past Halloween, Nate broke out the green tights to dress up as Peter Pan. Check out the Instagram evidence here: Nate striking his best mischievous Pan pose with the caption, “Pan’s back.” There are so many things we love about this situation: 1) Peter Pan is the one of our favorite fictional characters, 2) Nate even has the hat, and 3) Nate can seriously pull off the tighted-leg look.

He’s a musician

Nate is not only a talented actor, but musician. Three weeks ago, he posted this Instagram video of himself strumming on the guitar. He captioned the video, “A song that will never be sung,” making us think that he came up with the tune on his own. And making us wish he will share more of it with us someday!

He’s a world traveler

Credit: Instagram

Nate is a native of Australia, but has traveled the world. In recent months, he has visited Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and the U.K. to name a few and seems to truly appreciate the beauty he finds in every place he finds himself. He posted this beautiful photo of the spires of Budapest; spent days capturing the classic beauty of London (our favorite: this pic of a bird landing on a London Underground sign); and took a moment to capture his “last sunset” in Hvar. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world with this man?

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