The Vampire Diaries has made some narrative missteps in Season 5, but giving Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) more to do hasn’t been one of them. We can’t help but lament her impending death sentence. We get it maybe Nina Dobrev is going a little crazy with the multiple characters but, if we have to say goodbye to one of the Petrova doppelgangers, can it be Elena?

Katherine is more compelling right now

Right now, Katherine is the more compelling character. As the focal protagonist for more than four seasons, TVD has told many of the stories Elena is capable of telling. Katherine, on the other hand, has a whole host of untapped potential especially now that she is in the process of such change. The most interesting characters are the ones who have believable character arcs: they are agents of change, but are themselves changed by their actions. Watching Katherine soften as she attempts to deal with her humanity, the return of her long-lost child, and her impending death? Seriously affecting stuff.

Elena’s death would rock the TVD universe

Not many shows make it to Season 5 and even fewer shows make it there while still maintaining the same quality of earlier seasons. TVD is arguably not as good as it once was. We still love it, but it’s lost some of its what’s the word we’re looking for? Mikaelsons. It may be time for a major shakeup of the TVD universe, and Elena’s departure would certainly qualify. We’re not saying she has to stay dead or gone forever. Maybe just a little while to see how the Salvatore bros manage without their girlfriend.

TVD is better with villains than heroes

One things TVD does really well is a create complex villains. It manages to take terrible, terrible characters and make us root for their redemption. It’s basically the show’s superpower, and it has spun-off an entire show founded on this conceit. Katherine is one of the chief examples of TVD’s knack for villainy. We like her because she is ballsy and unpredictable. She surprises with her decisions, both immoral and not and calls others out on how those labels can change based on perspective. We’re not saying her death doesn’t make some karmic sense after all of the horrible things she’s done; We just want to give her more time to become a better person.

Katherine makes us laugh

Who knew Nina was such a comedic genius? Katherine has always made us giggle, but we’ve found ourselves laughing out loud at some of her antics this season. The sandwich police? Her obsessions with chips? Getting alcohol out of Matt at the Mystic Grill? All comedic gold. With a show that occasionally asks us to go to such depressing depths, it’s important to have these light moments, too, and no one delivers them as consistently as Katherine. Please, show! Let her stay!

If you had to choose, who would you prefer stay: Katherine or Elena? Sound off in the comments below!

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