We were overjoyed to see that Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) vampire prison bestie, Enzo, survived the fire Damon started at Whitmore House back in 1958 on the most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries. But how exactly did he do it?

Maggie saved him

While in captivity, Damon and Enzo traded tales of love. For Enzo, it was a laboratory assistant named Maggie. Though she worked for the Augustine Society, she was unaware of the torture component of the experiments on the Augustine vampires. She left when she discovered the terrible things Dr. Whitmore was doing – but did she stay gone for good. We wonder if Maggie didn’t come back to rescue the vamp who fell in love with her – perhaps on the night of the New Year’s Eve party, aka the one time a year the Augustine vamps were taken outside of their cages or the laboratory. Did Maggie save Enzo after Damon left him for dead?

He saved himself

We were a little disappointed that Damon didn’t try to fetch the cage keys out of Dr. Whitmore’s pocket – but, perhaps, Enzo managed to do it himself. In the chaos of Damon’s campaign of carnage, the Salvatore left Dr. Whitmore’s body awfully close to Enzo’s cage. Could the European vamp have somehow fished the keys out of Whitmore’s pocket? Enzo came up with the escape plan himself, so he is obviously a resourceful fellow. This seems like exactly the sort of thing he could have pulled off given the proper motivation.

Dr. Whitmore saved him

We’re still not sure what that fancy watch Dr. Wes gave Aaron does. Apparently, it has been passed down through Whitmore generations, and is some kind of protection against vamps. What if it revives people killed by supernatural means, a la the Gilbert ring. That means Dr. Whitmore could have survived Damon’s attack and saved Enzo. We imagine he wouldn’t have wanted to lose a valuable lab rat.

How do you think Enzo survived? Share your theories in the comments below!

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