If The Vampire Diaries has a weak character, it’s witch-turned-anchor Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham). On a show that makes us cry, laugh, and throw things at the screen, we just don’t care very much about Bonnie and that makes us frustrated with the writers. Here are the four reasons why we think Bonnie is kind of useless right now.

She isn’t given much agency

If TVD handed out superlatives, Bonnie would win Most Often To Be Used As A Pawn By Other People. Not exactly a title any protagonist is gunning for. Season 4 Bonnie was particularly bad. She spent half of the time being manipulated by Dr. Shane and Silas. Poor Bonnie never gets to drive her own character, instead getting used as a motivation tool for the other characters in the show. She spent the beginning of Season 5 as a ghost, but instead of trying to do anything about it, she waited for Jeremy and Co. to save her. She could have  been exploring the Other Side, acting as a spy for her friends, or formulating a plan to get out of ghost-dom. All of those actions are more proactive and way more interesting than what we got in the Ghost Bonnie storyline.

She doesn’t get many POV scenes

While Bonnie has been through just as much as any other characters on this show in terms of crazy plot twists, so many of her important character moments happen either ineffectively on-screen or completely off-screen. For example, when her mother was transitioning into a vampire, we didn’t get to see it happen or her reaction to it. Watching Caroline go through something similar with her own father was a huge character moment for her, and only made us relate to her more. Bonnie’s character never got that chance.

Her powers were her identity

When Bonnie was a witch, she had the potential to be hella cool. Instead, she just got to float pillow feathers around the room and mess up spells. This was particularly upsetting because, for all intents and purposes, her powers became so much of her identity. Sure, she was called a friend, but never really got called into the plot until her powers were needed for something. We’re kind of interested to see how she operates on this show now that she is magically powerless. Will she be given more interesting things to do? Things that don’t involve being used as a pawn in other character’s schemes? Fingers crossed!

Her relationships are limited

We’re tempted again to compare Bonnie to Caroline, perhaps because they were both introduced on TVD in a similar way: as Elena’s besties. While Caroline’s identity has expanded past that as she has been allowed to develop relationships with almost every other main character on the show, Bonnie’s has not. While Caroline is best friends with Stefan, has had several compelling love interests, and has been given familial relationships that are explored in an in-depth and consistent way, Bonnie has just now been allowed to really explore a committed, romantic relationship with Jeremy after more than four seasons on this show. On a series that uses romance as such a focal point, the fact that Bonnie has not had a real love interest prior to now other than Jeremy in Season 3, when he cheated on her is problematic.

How do you feel about Bonnie’s character? Do you think she has been given the short-end of the stick? If so, what would make her more interesting? Sound off in the comments below!

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