Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) has had a rough 2013 on The Vampire Diaries, but that doesn’t mean 2014 can’t be better! Here are five New Year’s resolutions we want Damon to make.

Check in with Stefan

We can’t be the only ones seriously worried about the younger Salvatore brother! We know it’s hella awkward right now between Damon and Stefan, but we think Damon could be making a bit more of an effort to check in on his PTSDing baby brother from time to time. Just saying.

Respect Elena’s decisions

We love Delena, but it’s always irked us when Damon makes decisions for Elena or worse yet knowingly goes against what she wants for herself. We think Damon could make a bit of an effort this year in honoring Elena’s choices when it comes to her own life. This directly relates to their break up as Damon dumped his vampire girlfriend because he didn’t want to turn her evil. Or something. Dude, Elena can make her own decisions.

Not kill any more Whitmores

We recently discovered that Damon has been on a Whitmore family killing spree since the 1950s. We think, this year, Damon should try to break that habit. We’re guessing that Aaron’s aunt was the last Whitmore on his list until Aaron has kids, that is. But, if he starts working on not wanting to kill any more Whitmores now, maybe his resolve will be broken by the time the next Whitmore’s number comes up.

Apologize to Caroline

Credit: The CW

Caroline hates Damon, and we kind of understand why. He totally used her as his personal blood bag in Season 1, wiping her memory again and again. Since then, Damon has grown as a vampire person, but he has never apologized to Elena and Stefan’s bestie. This apology would not only be long overdue, it would also be smart for Damon. We don’t recommend having Caroline as an enemy.

Set things right with Enzo

Until Damon figures out how to get over what he did to Enzo in the 1950s i.e. leaving his bestie to burn in the Whitmore House fire then he is never going to be able to move past it. Damon has arguably let that one event define him for the last half-century. He has never forgiven himself for letting Enzo down. Now that Enzo is back in Damon’s life, perhaps Damon could use the opportunity to work through some of those issues. Maybe shoot an apology Enzo’s way. Even if Enzo doesn’t accept it, it should probably still be said.

What do you think should be Damon’s New Year’s resolutions? Sound off in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 8 p.m. on The CW.