The turning of the new year is a time for self-reflection and reflection on our favorite television characters! 2013 wasn’t exactly a banner year for The Vampire DiariesStefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). He was dumped, perpetually drowned, and suffered from both amnesia and PTSD (after a year like that, who wouldn’t?). Here are our five suggestions for resolutions that might just make 2014 an improvement for poor Stefan.

Expand his social network

Right now, the two most important people in his life aka his brother and his ex-girlfriend are embroiled in their own angsty romance. It makes for awkward hanging out. We think it might do Stefan some good to expand his social network. Sure, he has bestie Caroline, but she is technically away at college. Maybe Stefan and Matt could start a bromance? They could bond over getting dumped by Elena and compare their love affairs with Rebekah. Actually, when we think about it, these two have a lot in common.

Work through his PTSD

Under the forceful guidance of Katherine and Caroline, Stefan has just started to confront his PTSD rather than ignore it. He still has a long way to go, and many underlying issues to work through, but we’re hoping Stefan will be able to take an anxiety-free swim in the quarry by the end of the year! (Too ambitious?)

Be honest with Damon and Elena

One of the anxieties related to Stefan’s PTSD is the fact that Elena or Damon didn’t save him. This might be the harder thing for Stefan to get over, and he doesn’t seem to be addressing it much at all. We’d like to see some more scenes of Stefan expressing just how he feels to Elena and Damon. Not necessarily in a vindictive spirit (though there may be some of it), just in the spirit of working through their issues so their relationships can come out stronger on the other side.

Find a hobby

It can’t all be scheming against Big Bads and mooning after Elena Gilbert. We’d like to see Stefan find a hobby outside of those interests. Klaus has painting. Caroline has event planning. Stefan needs a passion, a healthy outlet for his brooding. May we put an official vote in for rowing? (Think Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.) We’d love to watch those scenes.

Take a trip

When Stefan was imprisoned by Silas, he was on his way out of Mystic Falls. We think it might be a good idea for him to continue the trek. He doesn’t have to stay away forever (nor do we want him to), but an extended out-of-town trip might help him gain some perspective. We say Stefan finally goes to Portland. Maybe he can spend the summer hiatus there? That way, we don’t have to miss any rowing scenes.

What do you think Stefan’s New Year’s resolutions should be? Sound off in the comments below!

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