Vampire besties Caroline and Elena may be butting heads recently on Vampire Diaries, but their real-life counterparts — Candice Accola and Nina Dobrev — are as close as ever! Check out this adorable snapshot of the two sledding together, and try not to let you heart be melted by it.

“#tbt to an epic Atlanta snowpocalypse!” Candice captioned the WhoSay photo montage of herself and Nina sledding and playing in the snow together. Last week, Atlanta was covered in snow — but Nina and Candice didn’t let the could-be hindrance get them down. Instead, they embraced it! In addition to their sledding, the two actresses engaged in some serious game-playing.

“Bend Spoon playing #Spoons. It’s getting intense #cardgames #snowday #snowpocalypse,” Nina captioned the WhoSay pic of herself with Candice and their friends gathered together for a silverware-bending game of Spoons. The TVDer also shared this WhoSay pic of the hilariously dirty game Cards Against Humanity, complete with the caption: “#snowday #snowpocalypse #NotSoHotLanta.” Our favorite shot of the day, however, is probably this selfie of the two real-life BFFs all bundled up for the winter weather with their arms around one another.

We love their love! And can we get a snow day on TVD? Perhaps, as part of a one-off Christmas special? Thanks.

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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