The Vampire Diaries may be known for its oodles of on-screen doppelgangers, but what about the casts’ real-life celebrity doppelgangers? A suspicious number of Vampire Diaries stars have celebrity look-alikes. Don’t believe us? Try to tell these TVD look-alikes apart!

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice may not look as alike as Elena and Katherine, but it’s only by a hair. Nina is always getting confused with the singer/actress best known for her roles on Zoey 101 and Victorious, and we can see why. Both of these beauties have long brown hair, doe eyes, and killer figures. We’re guessing more people wished they were these gorgeous gals’ doppelgangers!

Ian Somerhalder and Kevin Zeggers

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With his smouldering blue eyes and trademark smirk, Ian Somerhalder has a distinct look,  but not so distinct, we think. We’ve often noticed the similarities between the Vampire Diaries hunk and Gossip Girl/Mortal Instruments hottie Kevin Zeggers. Come for the eyes, stay for the sarcasm.

Paul Wesley and Matthew Morrison

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We can’t be the only ones who have noticed Paul’s doppelganger on Glee! Yep, we’re talking about smooth-singing, fast-dancing Matthew Morrison. These two couldn’t be in more different roles, but their dreamy green eyes and trademark ‘dos can’t help but be compared. If TVD is looking for another Silas doppelganger, they might consider Matthew for the job.

Candice Accola and Georgia Moffett

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Candice Accola has such a distinctive look, we had to head across the ocean to find her celebrity doppelganger! Georgia Moffett, a British actress best known stateside for her as Jenny in Doctor Who, has the same blond hair, big eyes, and sweet smile as our Candice. Take a quick glance at these two, and they’re super easy to confuse for one another.

Kat Graham and Leigh-Anne Pinnock

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Speaking of England, that’s also where we found Kat Graham’s celebrity doppelganger: British singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock of the UK girl group Little Mix. Well, we can’t take full credit, it was actually Nina who tipped us off to their likenesses. Apparently, Kat looks enough like this Brit popstar in real life, that Nina accidentally groped Leigh-Anne at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards thinking it was her co-star/bestie. It’s OK, Nina. Doppelgangers can be confusing!

Zach Roerig and Zach Gilford

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The doppelganger confusion surrounding TVD’s Zach Roerig and Friday Night Lights’ Zach Gilford has several layers. Though they may not look as much alike as other celebrity look-alikes on our list, their similarities come in many forms: They share the same first name in real life (Zach) and on their shows (Matt). Their on-screen counterparts are both quarterbacks, and they totally have the same all-American, aw-shucks, good guy vibe going on. Coupled with the fact that these two actually both had roles on FNL (Zach Roerig played rodeo star Cash in the second season), and these two make the perfect doppelganger duo. We bet you’ve already forgotten which one is which.

Do you agree with our celebrity doppelgangers? Are there any we left out? Sound off in the comments below!

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