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All hail the end of the pop culture reign of vampires — maybe. With the recent flop of Vampire Academy and the end of True Blood nigh, some television critics are ready to declare the end to this once ubiquitous trend. Is this the end for our beloved Vampire Diaries and The Originals? Has the vampire fad lost its bite? You tell us!

Yes, vampires are so over

As a recent Entertainment Weekly article argues: “Right now? Vampires are something far worse than frightening. They’re boring.” And the evidence that the public agrees is pretty convincing. Both True Blood and TVD are in their later seasons, and — though both still reign in a sizable audience for their respective networks — they are not at the top of their ratings games (nor, arguably, their creative ones). Twilight is a distant memory of sparkling skin and werewolves in cut-off jean shorts, and no one is as excited about KStew or RPatz as they once were — together or apart. It’s time to call an end to this once dominate subject matter and to give another arbitrary cultural construct its day in the, er, sun.

No, good vampire stories are forever

On the other hand, it’s not about the subject matter of the story, it’s about the effectiveness of the story. The reason Vampire Academy flopped? As almost all critics concur, it figuratively sucked. The world doesn’t necessarily need more vampire stories, but it will always need more good stories, and those two groups are not mutually exclusive. TVD and its spin-off rock because they are well-told, well-acted, and well-shot TV shows. The characters still matter to us. The problems they face still feel real, at least on some metaphoric level. Plus, the actors are hot. Until one or all of those things stop being true, people are going to want more. And, if another vampire-themed show or movie comes along that happens to also hit that checklist, people are going to respond to that, too.

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