The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) is stepping behind the camera to direct Season 5, Episode 18 -- and the rest of the cast couldn’t be more supportive! Check out the photo Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) shared from the set...

“@paulwesley directing @paulvedere,” Nina tweeted yesterday, along with a photo of the camera pointed at Paul, the director himself. That’s right! Paul is both the director and star of this shot. Like many actors-turned-directors, we’re impressed with his ability to pull double duty in this episode without completely losing it.

Nina isn’t the only one of Paul’s co-stars to give us a peek at the director in action. Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett) shared a pic of Paul in the director’s chair. Unlike Nina’s shot, Paul seemed to be completely immersed in his behind-the-camera role. As he’s rocking a backwards cap in the pic, we doubt he was planning on playing Stefan any time soon. (Seriously, the hat would mess up his Hero Hair.)

Co-star Michael Trevino (Tyler) shared his support in a less traditional way: by planning pranks. Michael told the crowd at the aTV Festival panel discussion earlier this month: “I’m gonna f—k with him so bad,” “I can’t wait! I can’t wait for his first note. I’ll be like, ‘What’d you say?’” We’re sure Michael speaks from a place of affection.

Some of the rest of the TVDers were a bit more straight forward with their shows of support. Executive producer Julie Plec was fully in proud mother hen mode, tweeting: “According to set, @paulwesley is about to yell ‘ACTION’ on his first shot as a director of #TVD. Way to go, Paul(a), way to go.”

And Marguerite MacIntyre (Sheriff Forbes) had nothing but praise for Paul’s first day of work: “Worked with an awesome new director yesterday, @paulwesley. #likeaducktowater,” she tweeted. Aww!

Catch the next episode of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, February 27 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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