With Season 6 already a go, we’ve still got to sift through the rest of Season 5’s drama on The Vampire Diaries. But when does this year’s finale air? Read on to find out!

Mark your calendars, TVD  fans. Per a CW press release, you can officially cancel all your plans for Thursday, May 15, because that’s when you’ll have to say farewell to your Mystic Falls friends until the fall.

Season 5 has been an uphill climb for our favorite supernatural pals. It started off with Silas (Paul Wesley) wreaking havoc in attempts to reunite with Amara (Nina Dobrev), kicking off a whole new side to the doppelganger storyline. With Tessa/Qetsiyah — the scorned lover — on the rampage, this awkward love triangle came to an end before the midseason finale was in sight.

After that, Katherine took center stage. The vampire-turned-human was on a rapid decline with her health, and in the 100th episode shocked us all when she became a passenger in Elena’s body. Since then, she’s been pretending to be Elena, and while her plan has been working, it definitely has an expiration date.

We’re also trying to figure out exactly what the Travelers want. We know their leader, Markos, will be coming forward pretty soon, and we have a sneaking suspicion that this storyline is going to take us all the way to the season finale — and possibly have repercussions for Season 6.

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