When did The Vampire Diaries become Pretty Little Liars? Everyone has a secret in Mystic Falls, and Season 5, Episode 20 (“What Lies Beneath”) was all about how far our favorites will go to keep them. The only one who isn’t being shady is Enzo; he’s letting everyone know just how angry he feels.

In a moment of clarity (read: free of his Passenger), Tyler runs to Damon to tell him just what Markos and the Travelers are planning to do with Elena and Stefan’s blood. Damon suggests they hide out. Luckily for them, Caroline’s family owns a creepy cabin in the woods. Sounds like the perfect hiding spot, right? Wrong. Unfortunately for them, Enzo the vengeful ghost is on the loose and ready to get his revenge on the Salvatores.

OK, so secret no. 1: Stefan and Elena are keeping the truth of Enzo’s death from Damon. They don’t want him to “snap.” Of course, all of their hush-hush one-on-one time is making Caroline suspicious of Team Stelena. Care Bear thinks these two are back together, and she tells Damon all about her theory. Wrong move, Care. Normally, Caroline would be all about Stelena, but lately, we’ve noticed how jealous she’s becoming of Elena. It’s starting to feel like Caroline has feelings for Stefan (secret no. 2!) — and we wouldn’t be opposed to this coupling.

Caroline and Stefan’s friendship has been building since Season 2, when he taught her the ins and outs of vampirism. And while their friendship waned in Season 3, Steroline made a comeback in Season 5. Honestly, it’s nice to see a coupling blossom from a friendship. It’s not rushed; It feels more organic. Clearly, these two have feelings for one another — whether or not they’re romantic is another story. Caroline will definitely have to figure out her feelings for Stefan come Season 6.

Now, back to the creepy cabin in the woods. Caroline (obviously) plans a game of charades to help ease the tension and hopefully, get Stelena to talk. The alcohol-fueled parlor game hour turns ugly when Damon turns the tables and suggests a game of Never Have I Ever. It doesn’t take long for things to become awkward. Caroline grills Elena about “kissing” Stefan — no, they didn’t kiss — and Damon asks his brother about what really happened to Enzo.

Then, things get I Know What You Did Last Summer creepy when Elena takes a bath and ghost Enzo — who, thanks to the deterioration on the Other Side, can move objects IRL — holds Elena down under water. Damon rushes in, and in a moment of panic, she tells him what really happened to Enzo. And it doesn’t take long for the Scooby Gang to put the pieces together. Enzo was haunting them.

But Enzo’s trick on Elena was just a distraction. It turns out he gave away their hiding spot to the Travelers, and it was only a matter of time before Markos finds Elena and Stefan. The only thing stopping them from leaving, however, was Luke, who Damon hired to keep their location secret. Ghost Enzo managed to knock out Luke and hide his body in the barn. And when Damon and Stefan went to go save him, Enzo lit the place on fire and nearly killed the Salvatore bros! That’s when Damon made him a promise: he would find a way to bring him back. After all, if Markos came back from the Other Side, Enzo could too, right? Damon’s going to have to figure that one out…

Unfortunately for him, he’s going to have bigger things to worry about. At the end of the episode, both Stefan and Elena were captured by Markos, which doesn’t bode well for the vamps in Mystic Falls. Well, at least Delena fans got to revel in a sweet — albeit kind of heartbreaking — kiss between Damon and Elena before it all hit the fan. Hey, that’s progress, right? We’re starting to think these two might actually be able to make things work — you know, after he finds a way to save Elena, stop the Travelers, bring Enzo back, and repair the Other Side. Time to put on your hero hair, Damon!

Meanwhile, while Damon and Co. were having a nightmarish time in the woods, Tyler — we mean his Passenger Julian — was being chained to a wall and tortured with a cocktail of wolfsbane and vervain by none other than Matt and Jeremy. And Matty Blue Eyes got real with this Traveler. He wants his best friend back.

Despite their best torture efforts, Julian has no idea where Markos is. Unfortunately for them, Markos is currently readying Julian’s body to be set on fire because that’s what needs to happen if they want to make Tyler’s body Julian’s permanent residence.

Jeremy and Bonnie try to find Julian’s body before the spell can take place, but now that Bonnie is no longer a witch, she’s pretty much useless.

In the end, the Travelers’ complete the spell. Now that the Traveler knife has been destroyed, does that mean Tyler is gone forever? And will Bonnie ever be able to tell Jeremy about (secret no. 3) how the Other Side is deteriorating and bringing her into it? With only two episodes left this season, it won’t be long until we find out, but we’re going to be honest: things aren’t looking good for Tyler and Bonnie right now.

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