Leave it to the Gilbert’s romantic lake house to rekindle the spark between Bonnie and Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries. That’s right, Jer. We saw the way you were looking at your witchy ex. (Professor Shane who?)

Well, if you’re with us and you thought you saw a little somethin’ somethin’ between Bonnie and Jeremy on last week’s TVD, you were right. TV Guide recently caught up with executive producer Julie Plec to talk about all that smoldering eye contact.

“What this episode did, in the form of nostalgia, is a reminder that there are some unresolved feelings there,” Julie said. “There was love there and maybe just a glimpse of hope for something more.”

Hope for something more? We can dig it. As much as we liked the idea of Bonnie and Shane, now that he’s teaching her Expression, we’re a little (or a lot) worried about his intentions. Plus, breaking up over a ghost? That was a lame move on Jeremy’s part. We’d love to see him redeem himself.

Besides, Jer is so much hotter now with his new hunter physique. How could Bonnie resist?

Source: TV Guide

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