Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice Accola) have been engaging in a complicated courtship on The Vampire Diaries. With the hybrid leaving for The Originals spin-off next season, some Klaroline ‘shippers are worried they’ll never actually get together. Perhaps that’s why we’ve been seeing this fan question pop up so often: Are Klaus and Caroline together in the Vampire Diaries books?

The TV series hasn’t exactly been 100% faithful to LJ Smith’s novels. For example, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is blond and has a little sister instead of a younger brother. And in the books, Klaus is quite different from Joseph Morgan’s version.

Described as platinum blond with ice-blue eyes (nailed it, casting team!), Klaus has been around since before the pyramids. He has an impressive military career, having fought in the Trojan War and alongside Alexander the Great. As one of the “Old Ones,” Klaus is a pure vampire — he’s never been human. He’s murdered countless people and vampires and can control their minds.

Not exactly someone you want to bring home to Sheriff Forbes! While Klaus is shown to have some redeeming qualities in the show, the book version is much more ruthless. His only real contact with Caroline is when he kidnaps her in order to convince Stefan to fight him. There’s no love story there.

It’s not all grim, though. Both Julie Plec and Joseph Morgan have promised lots of Vampire Diaries-Originals crossovers. Maybe there’s hope for Klaus and Caroline yet!


Credit: YouTube Photo: Has Ian Somerhalder Ever Read The Vampire Diaries Books?