Credit: Sara Canning's Twitter Photo: Matt Davis Shows off His Paternal Instincts

Dilemma: Who is cuter in this photo? Matt Davis (Alaric) or the baby he’s holding? Well, the two of them together make for pretty adorable viewing. So who is the little tyke in Matt’s lap? Sara Canning (Jenna), who uploaded the photo, didn’t say, but she did offer this cute caption: “@ErnestoRiley takin' a break from slinging wooden darts and wielding ashen daggers.”

Credit: Matt Davis' Twitter Photo: Matt Davis Holds His Goddaughter

If we had to guess, we’d say she’s Matt’s goddaughter, Fiona. Our fave vampire hunter tweeted about her on February 27: “So my best friend asked me the other if I'd be the Godfather to his new born baby daughter... With a proud smile I shook his hand and said, ‘It'd be an honor.’ My goddaughter, Fiona” Super sweet, Mr. Davis.Source: Sara Canning's Twitter