There’s something a little peculiar about Vampire DiariesProfessor Shane (David Alpay). We don’t even know his first name! And Bonnie (Kat Graham) is a pretty little magic maker and all, but should a guy who teaches college students really be hanging out with a teenage witch in his office for seven hours at a time? Don’t even get us started on the intermittent candle lighting and herbal beverage. Something tells us that wasn’t yerba mate tea. 

Plus, he was coaching Connor (Todd Williams) and didn’t seem to care which vampires got taken out. Of course, he was genuinely concerned that Bonnie not get hurt in the hostage kerfuffle.

And his techniques seem to be working. Sort of. Bonnie did blaze up a bunch of candles.... except for the one that she was actually supposed to light. Oh, well. Practice makes perfect, and we’re sure Bon-Bon will be spending a lot more time with the mysterious prof.

Should we be worried?

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