Every week, Wetpaint Entertainment likes to compile some of our favorite fan queries about Hollywood’s hottest stars. Naturally, everyone wants to know everything about The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), so here are all the answers to the questions you never knew you had.

What Does Ian Somerhalder Look For in a Girl?

In his interview for People’s 2010 Sexiest Man issue, Ian detailed what he finds “sexiest” in another person. “You know, there’s a funny thing: I always call it ‘warm intellect,’” he explained. “You have people who are unbelievably intellectual, however they’re really cold. And then you have those people who are just sort of really warmly intellectual — people who are approachable but are just so intellectually stimulating. I find that very sexy.”

We have to assume his TVD co-star/off-screen girlfriend Nina Dobrev (Elena) possesses that magnetic quality. Back in September 2011, Ian gushed to Us Weekly, “[Nina] truly enjoys life. Her desire to experience and appreciate everything around her, and chuckle and enjoy it, is great.”

Excuse us as we go develop our “warm intellect” and zest for life. Nina, you’ve got competition coming!

Why Is Ian Somerhalder So Hot?

Is he, though?

OK, OK, we kid. As a former male model, Ian is smokin’ hot. But why? Well, the guy obviously has some amazing genes, and he plays up his natural smolder with sexy grins and flirty eyebrow raises. Swoon.

Simply put, he just is. (If you need proof of his hotness, look no further than his two-year March Man-ness winning streak.)

Does Ian Somerhalder Wear Eyeliner?

We can’t be sure, but our best guess is yes. Have you seen those smoldering looks he gives Elena as Damon on TVD? We have a sneaking suspicion Ian is no stranger to guyliner... but only on the small screen.

Is Ian Somerhalder a Virgin?

Is this the face of a virgin? We think not. Ian is 32, he’s super hot, and he’s dating his gorgeous co-star. If he’s never had sex, color us extremely shocked. Like, we’d start to believe that maybe vampires and werewolves actually exist.

When Will Ian Somerhalder Be on Lost Again?

Seeing as the Lost series finale happened in spring 2010, the short answer is... never. Sorry, guys. Why would you want to resurrect Boone (Ian Somerhalder) when you can have Damon (also Ian) every Thursday at 8 PM on The Vampire Diaries?