Any die-hard of Nina Dobrev knows that the Vampire Diaries star used to smoke cigarettes, but many fans have wondered if that’s still the case. As a healthy eater with a penchant for hot yoga and spinning, such a frowned-upon habit seems unlikely for the in-shape actress.

Well, you asked, so we’re here to answer! Nina does, in fact, still smoke — but it’s not as if she’s puffing down a pack of cigarettes a day. On a recent trip to Toronto to visit friends and family for Easter, the brunette beauty was photographed getting her nicotine fix while picking up coffee with boyfriend Ian Somerhalder.

Ian’s been known to give in to the occasional temptation himself, though he tries to keep cigarettes an intermittent indulgence. In an interview with Ocean Drive magazine, Ian said: “[I smoke] occasionally. Smoking’s a really nasty thing.”

Of course, we here at Wetpaint Entertainment don’t encourage the habit, but we can’t exactly blame the duo for needing to blow off a little steam. Between their hectic filming schedules and crazy travel days — not to mention all that 50 Shades to Grey casting drama! — they could certainly use a way to wind down.

May we suggest hot yoga? Oh wait...