Credit: Isa Wipfli/Courtesy of Nylon Magazine Photo: Kat Graham in Nylon Magazine, September 2012

If you’re a fan of Vampire DiariesKat Graham (Bonnie Bennett), then you know she’s all about her music. There’s also some great news for you: The remix ep for her song “Wanna Say” is out on iTunes today. 

There are four versions of the track available for download. Kat is super excited to have her fans hear her music, and she tweeted, “The wanna say remix EP is out today!!! Go get it! Tweet me your fave remix!”

Back in May, Kat told Seventeen magazine about the song, saying, “When I recorded this song, I was lucky enough to be in love. This song is for anyone who is falling in love, in love, or just enjoys the idea of being in love one day.”

Considering she’s rumored to be newly engaged, the timing of this remix couldn’t be more perfect! 

Source: iTunesTwitterSeventeen magazine

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