Credit: Five Four Photo: Michael Trevino Poses for Five Four

Did you get the memo in your inbox? January 25 is Michael Trevino Day! Across the land, people are celebrating the birth of The Vampire Diaries' newest hybrid hottie, Michael Trevino (Tyler). To start the celebration off right, we have 10 reasons why we love the smokin’ star. Happy 27th Birthday, Michael!

10. He’s a total Gleek.
9. He knows how to Scrabble.
8. His handwriting is impeccable.
7. No upgrading his Jetta for a Porsche for this guy. So down to earth!
6. He adores his co-stars.
5. The guy’s got style. He embraces the faux-bo look, or as he says, “I spend a lot of money to look poor.”
4. He loves tamales and hanging with his grandma.
3. There’s no such thing as a bad photo of Michael Trevino.
2. He’s cool with everyone mispronouncing his last name: It’s Treviño, people. He’s, in his words, “full-blooded Mexican.”
1. Technically, this should be numbers 1 through 6, but Michael’s six pack gives us much to be thankful for.