Happy birthday, Zach Roerig! This charming Vampire Diaries actor is currently holding down the fort as what seems like the only human left in Mystic Falls, Matt Donovan. While our love for nice-guy Matt is pretty serious, our love for Zach runs just as deep. He turns 28 today, February 22, and to celebrate we’ve put together a list of 10 reasons we think this barn enthusiast is tops. 
1. Who doesn’t love a man with a sexy scar?

2. He’s friends with his exes. So classy!

3. His castmates think he’d win at The Hunger Games. That’s a man we want on our team.

4. He knows how to smolder, even in glasses.  Hey, maybe that’s Matt’s superpower!

5. He’s an awesome friend, and he knows how to party.  

6. He’s a TV actor who ain’t afraid of the stage.

7. He does an adorably terrible British accent. Just listen to his Joseph Morgan impression!

8. He secretly loves The Notebook. Or maybe that’s what he tells all the ladies...

9. He’s not afraid to make a little girl’s Vampire Diaries dream come true! We are dead of the cuteness.

10. He takes reading sexy fan fiction very seriously! Rawr!

Credit: Entertainment Weekly Photo: Vampire Diaries' Cast Reads Racy Fanfic: Rebekoline? (VIDEO)