The Team Stelena versus Team Delena battle is one for the ages, but Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) going to make a choice between the smoldering brothers in the Season 3 finale of The Vampire Diaries and it just might result in us losing touch with one of the Salvatores for a spell (thanks to their little agreement from last week’s show).

Trouble has met Elena and Stefan (Paul Wesley) again and again, courtesy of a jealous vampire ex-girlfriend and a brief Original-induced Ripper binge, but despite everything, there’s still some definite affection between them.

Stefan has clearly begun to forgive himself for his troubled summer and the months following, but it’s been a hard road. Elena gave him a second chance when she invited him to the decade dance, but did her forgiveness come too fast?

Do you think Stefan needs more time to recoup or was Elena’s timeline right on target?

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