Credit: Lovely Sucks Photo: Ian Somerhalder Gets Bundled Up in Vegas Magazine

How Much Money Does Ian Somerhalder Make? To put it bluntly: A lot. But maybe not as much as you think!

Thanks to The Big Picture’s comprehensive (and shocking!) list of TV’s Top Earners from 2011, we can put an exact figure on the amount some of our fave stars make per episode.

Take, for example, The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder (Damon) who makes $40,000. Per episode. Yes ladies, each and every time we see Ian Smolderhotter’s face on a new Vampire Diaries ep, he’s walking away with enough cash to by himself a brand new BMW 3 series. And with 22 episodes a season, that’s $880,000 a year.

Certainly nothing to sneeze at, but surprisingly, Ian’s way at the bottom of that “Top Earners” list. Nathan Fillion makes $100,000 an ep for Castle; Patrick Dempsey pockets $250,000 for Grey’s Anatomy.

We know CW isn’t one of the big three networks, but come on! At $150,000 a pop, the Jersey Shore kids are putting everyone to shame. Hopefully Ian's negotiated since 2011!

Source: The Big Picture, Lot Pro

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