It’s hard to believe that Ian Somerhalder is almost 34, but some people just keep getting sexier with age! The Vampire Diaries star will turn another year older on Saturday, December 8, and though we were already planning to toast with champagne, Ian has a different sort of celebration in mind.

“This time of year is truly priceless for me,” he wrote on the Ian Somerhalder Foundation website. “I’m so touched to receive physical gifts in the mail, [but] my heart tends to break a little when I think about the impact behind those items… the materials, manufacturing, packing, shipping, etc.”

So what does Ian want in honor of the big 3-4? It’s as selfless as it gets! “I have a back-up plan for those who simply cannot resist the urge to give a gift to both ISF and myself this birthday: donations! [They] fuel our resources to continue expanding and making change for the voiceless of this planet: our skies, seas, energy, habitats, and of course our furry friends.”

So, what are you waiting for? Go make that contribution! We know we will. (We’ll still drink that champagne, though.)

Source: Ian Somerhalder Foundation

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