Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Photo: Ian Somerhalder Attends the 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party

When you’re Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), we guess it’s pretty easy to make someone blush in public with one eyebrow-arched glance — especially when they’re reading a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.


In an interview with the Associated Press, the Vampire Diaries star described an awkward encounter at the Whole Foods store with a woman reading a copy of EL James’s infamous novel.


While standing in line to check out, the woman looked up and caught Ian’s eye, and the two “totally had a moment,” according to the actor.


“You could see her blushing for a second,” Ian recalled. “She saw that I saw the book, and i just smiled at her and said, ‘It’s a good read, huh?’ And she goes, ‘This so embarrassing.’”


Of course, when a cute guy looks at us in the grocery store, we also get a little flustered. But from Ian Somerhalder’s perspective, it was a little more than just that.


“Everybody's up for this role, but in her mind, just from seeing media, I was that guy,” the Vampire Diaries actor said. For us too, Ian!


It sounds like Ian is already owning the role of Christian Grey in his offscreen life!


Source: USA Today

Credit: Associated Press Photo: Ian Somerhalder on Fans Picturing Him as Fifty Shades of Grey's Christian