If you could find out one secret about Ian Somerhalder, what would it be? Us Weekly asked The Vampire Diaries star to tell them 25 things fans don’t know him.


Amongst the many tidbits Ian revealed was this: “The women in my life have had the most impact on who I am today.” Aw, that’s so sweet. In a recent interview with Origin magazine, Ian echoed this sentiment, gushing about how his mother and his manager, Barbara, were the two women who changed his life. “They both put their hearts and souls into my career,” he said.


So what other interesting facts did Ian divulge? If wasn’t an actor, he’d be a marine biologist. Keeping with the science theme, he’d also love to visit Mars.


Ian talked a lot about food, saying he’d want gumbo to be his last meal. But that gumbo better be made the traditional way — fast food “freaks” him out. It’s OK. Sometimes french fries give us nightmares, too. And he’ll eat tangerines any day — except Tuesdays.


And as for that guilty pleasure? It was also gastronomy-related. If you want to win over Mr. Somerhalder, just bring him a heaping bowl of Cap’n Crunch.


Hey, it’s gotta be easier than making gumbo!


Source: US Weekly